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Our Mission

Our mission is to pave the way for our clients in assisting them in making the transformation into a hassle free and simple B-BBEE structure within their company and South Africa.


By assisting and simplifying BEE they will maximise the points on their Bee Certificate in a simple yet effective manner.


We will assess the client’s current Bee position and then plot the most effective way forward, assuring  the best possible Bee Certificate.

Our Objectives

• To assist our clients in understanding and       implementing B-BBEE

• To assist our clients in identifying potential     B-BBEE initiatives.

• To implement B-BBEE strategies within our clients business that best suites our client’s needs.

• To maximise our clients points scoring ability with regard B-BBEE.

• To reduce the workload of B-BBEE to our clients.

• To prove to our clients that B-BBEE can help grow their business.

• To run and manage Economic and Socio-Economic Development funds.

• To present clients with a scorecard to reflect their contribution to B-BBEE..


Our Core Values

Our company is built on a Code of Ethics and Customer Satisfaction. Everyone of our team is trained under the same principles and know that our customers come first no matter what.


Offering a second rate service is not an option as only the best is good enough.


Our team strives to serve our clients and ensure they are well informed and receive personal treatment. We value honesty and integrity beyond anything else.


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