BBBEE Wise Foundation Fund


The Bbbee Wise Trust is a registered NPO and was created for the development of Previously Disadvantaged Individuals in South Africa, thereby creating sustainability.


The Bbbee Wise Trust has been formed with the primary purpose of acting as a recipient of corporate and individual donations for the benefit of development through Skills Development, Enterprise and Supplier Development, and Socio-Economic Development contributions.

Our Trust presents potential donors, particularly corporate entities, with a wonderful opportunity to make a meaningful and positive difference and benefit from Black Economic Empowerment Scorecards.

The Trust is empowered by the transformation of development!


The Trust will create a means of sustainability, development and upliftment within communities by identifying needs and helping to fulfil these needs. From an economic standpoint, the Trust will assist with job creation through education and creating a means to empower Previously Disadvantaged South Africans.


The Trust is able to take the smallest donations, which would’ve previously had no impact, and combine them with other donations to create a massive impact on one or more identified projects. The Trust, on an annual basis, seeks to identify a worthy cause by identifying shortages and assistance needed within a community, project, or even another association that requires assistance.


The Bbbee Wise Trust joined forces with our client, Basil Read, who share the same mission with us. Together, we helped build a community in All Days by providing schooling, clinics, and assisting with developing the local college. The youth in this area are being taught a trade, thereby creating sustainability within the community. Their trade allows for Enterprise Development, and when they are contracted as a Supplier, the result is sustainable Supplier Development.

  • Through the Trust we have also been able to:
    • The Trust has enabled us to pay for a young woman’s college fees;
    • Donate a laptop in order for the recipient to continue their studies online due to the effects of COVID; and
    • Provide medical aid cover for one of our clients nominated recipient.

Our goal is not to just donate, we offer a solution, thereby creating sustainability!

Contact us to find out more about all the initiatives that we have developed and are involved with, such as our COVID Relief Fund, which is an active response to the current global pandemic, and how you can get involved to help make a difference and strategically optimise your B-BBEE Scorecard.

Bbbee Wise Trust
IT No: 000479/2014G