Covid Relief Fund

BEE & Covid Relief Fund

We’re ALL in this together…

…to assist and support ALL South African enterprises, no matter their ethnicity.
…to protect our society and economy.
…to work towards rebuilding our nation through unity, perseverance and strength.

Bbbee Wise is calling on ALL Measured Entities to be part of our BEE & Covid Relief Fund initiatives to improve the quality of life for ALL.

Bbbee Wise is proud to be a 51% black-owned organisation and a leader and powerful tool for prosperity and change in South Africa! We pride ourselves on being proudly South African and we are taking our allegiance to the country and its people one step further by empowering ALL South Africans and organisations through our life-changing Support Funds!

The Bbbee Wise Enterprise And Supplier Development Covid-19 Support Fund.

The Mission of the Fund

This Fund is an active response to the current global pandemic that South Africa and the world is currently facing and the impact it is having on ALL South African organisations. We want to provide funding and business development support to ALL organisations in South Africa in order to sustain and nurture their businesses.

The Vision of the Fund

Providing a fund to enable Measured Entities to strategically optimise their B-BBEE Scorecard in the pillars of Enterprise and Supplier Development contributions, while using their contributions to making a meaningful and positive difference by supporting ALLSouth African enterprises.

The Objective of the Fund

Through our innovative Enterprise and Supplier Development Covid-19 Support Fund, we aim to support and sustain ALL South African entrepreneurs and businesses who have experienced financial distress during the unrelenting grip of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Bbbee Wise, along with Measured Entities, will make a difference and create meaningful success stories that benefit ALL businesses, our economy and the country as a whole through this fund!

The Bbbee Wise Socio-Economic Development (SED) Covid-19 Support Fund

Empowering the Development of ALL South Africans!

This fund has been established with the objective of Measured Entities to contribute to the development, enhancement and transformation for ALL South Africans and at the same time receive Socio-Economic Development BEE points.

Your contributions WILL make a difference by actively uplifting ALL South Africans and you gain from this initiative in MORE ways than one. 

The Bbbee Wise Socio-Economic Development Fund will benefit and empower diverse individuals and communities to achieve MORE!

Whether it’s assisting communities financially or supplying educational equipment… Together we can make MORE of a difference! 

Together we have the ability to make South Africa invincible! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s make it happen…

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to be part of our epic journey!