Enterprise and Supplier Development


BBBEE Wise will identify the exact criteria applicable to your entity for Enterprise and Supplier Development and advise your company accordingly. We will calculate the target spend for the measured period, ensure contributions are made as per the targets set out in the BEE Codes of Good Practice, advise you on any shortfalls, and assist with the implementation thereof.

Once all candidates are identified, BBBEE Wise will conduct Due Diligence on the potential candidates to ensure compliance and that said suppliers qualify as beneficiaries as per the B-BBEE Codes, as well as being compatible with the Measured Entity. These candidates will be presented to the client for perusal and final decision, ensuring the beneficiary is a qualifying, worthy recipient of said funding and/or assistance above normal.

Enterprise and Supplier Development is a business-to-business transaction, with the aim of making a contribution of such nature that the operational and financial status of the beneficiary is uplifted. This goes towards the ultimate goal of small business development within South Africa.

These contributions are made towards previously disadvantaged people who have now ventured into the business world. As a result, Enterprise Development is only recognisable for contributions made towards 51% black-owned EME (Exempt Micro Enterprise) or QSE (Qualifying Small Enterprise).

Contributions are monetary or non-monetary contributions that are specific to the enterprise.

Enterprise and Supplier Development is made up of three sub-categories:

  • Enterprise Development
  • Supplier Development
  • Preferential Procurement

The sub-minimum has to be achieved for each of the sub-categories to avoid a discount.

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