Our brilliant team of experts can assess your company’s ownership and provide solutions moving forward on this element.

Ownership is a Priority Element on the B-BBEE Scorecard for both Generic and Qualifying Small Enterprises. Ownership measures the extent of real Black Ownership of a measured enterprise, using an Ownership Scorecard.

BBBEE Wise can assist and advise on the following in terms of the Ownership Element:

The BBBEE Wise team will evaluate and analyse the organisational structure, Black Ownership, net value and provide options to optimise and/or introduce Black Ownership, which will not only enhance your Scorecard but will align with the corporate strategy. These structures can include B-BBEE principles per the Codes of Good Practice.

An entity needs to reach the sub-minimum score of 40% of the points viable under the Realisation Points Indicator on the Ownership Element of the Scorecard.

BBBEE Wise conducts reliable and accurate Independent Competent Persons Reports for Ownership using our BBBEE Wise systems and expert analyst team.

We can assist with the following ownership structures:

  • Flow-through (Direct) Ownership
  • Modified Flow-through Ownership
  • Evaluations of Trusts
  • Mandated Investments
  • Continued Consequences (Once Empowered Always Empowered)
  • Sale of Assets
  • Broad-Based Ownership Schemes
  • Employee Share Schemes


Employment Equity distinguishes between the following: 

  • Senior Management
  • Middle Management
  • Junior Management
  • Semi-Skilled
  • Unskilled
  • Disabled

BBBEE Wise can assist and advise on the following in terms of the Employment Equity Element: 

Management Control will be monitored by obtaining the current Employment Equity listing and scoring this accordingly.

GAPs to 100% compliance will be addressed, and possible staff restructuring will be proposed.

Assistance with Annual Employments Equity Submissions to the Department of Labour on an annual basis.


BBBEE Wise will identify the exact criteria applicable to your entity for Enterprise and Supplier Development and advise your company accordingly. We will calculate the target speed for the measured period, ensure contributions are made as per the targets set out in the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, advise you on any shortfalls, and assist with the implementation thereof. 

Once all candidates are identified, BBBEE Wise will conduct due diligence on the potential candidates to ensure compliance and that said suppliers qualify as beneficiaries as per the B-BBEE Codes, as well as being compatible with the Measured Entity. These candidates will be presented to the client for perusal and final decision, ensuring the beneficiary is a qualifying, worthy recipient of said funding and/or assistance above normal. 

Enterprise and Supplier Development is a business-to-business transaction, with the aim of making a contribution of such a nature that the operational and financial status of the beneficiary is uplifted. This goes towards the ultimate goal of small business development within South Africa. 

These contributions are made towards previously disadvantaged people who have now ventured into the business world. As a result, Enterprise Development is only recognisable for contributions made towards a 51% Black-Owned EME (Exempt Micro Enterprise) or QSE (Qualifying Small Enterprise). 

Contributions are monetary or non-monetary contributions that are specific to the enterprise. 

Enterprise and Supplier Development is made up of three sub-categories: 

Enterprise Development

Supplier Development

Preferential Procurement

The sub-minimum has to be achieved for each of the sub-categories to avoid a discounted level.


The Preferential Procurement element aims to:

Drive transformation through-out the economy by encouraging procurement only from suppliers that are compliant with the B-BBEE Scorecard.

BBBEE Wise has identified that Preferential Procurement in Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment has become a growing concern for companies who cannot keep their supplier information up-to-date and that face difficulties in collecting and maintaining B-BBEE Certifications from their suppliers.

BBBEE Wise has always prided itself on giving our clients the best possible service and has developed a solution to our clients Preferential Procurement needs. We have achieved this solution by creating a portal for our clients to have up-to-date information about their supplier’s BEE Credentials.

The portal is a sharing mechanism that will be used between BBBEE Wise and our clients. This is an electronic gateway that provides a collection of information accessible over the internet through a web browser.

Our procurement service provides expert support for clients seeking to evaluate and enhance their procurement capability and performance.

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We can assist and advise on the following in terms of Preferential Procurement Element: 

Contact your suppliers to obtain their B-BBEE Certificates
Ensure that all Certificates received are valid
Provide a Monthly Procurement Report indicating your current score and shortfalls and advise accordingly

Our Monthly Procurement Report will include the following information of your suppliers: 

  • B-BBEE Level
  • B-BBEE Certificate Expiry Date
  • Spend with Top EMEs, QSEs and Generics
  • Spend with Non-Compliant B-BBEE Status
  • Spends with suppliers who do not have B-BBEE Certificates
  • Black and/or Black Women Ownership Percentage
  • Procurement Recognition Percentage

BBBEE Wise will ensure that procurement is always up-to-date to ensure that information is ready when B-BBEE Verification takes place. A 40% sub-minimum must be achieved to avoid being discounted a level.


Socio-Economic Development (SED) is the monetary and non-monetary contribution for individuals (natural individuals or groups or natural individuals), which are implemented with the objective of facilitating income-generating activities for the black South African beneficiaries. 

If the percentage of black people is at a percentage of at least 75%, the Codes of Good Practice allow the full value of a contribution made to be recognised. If the percentage is less than 75%, the actual percentage is taken and multiplied by the value of the contribution. 

BBBEE Wise can assist and advise on the following in terms of the Socio-Economic Development Element: 

  • Calculate target spend for the measured period
  • Identify your companiesspecific needs
  • Recommend beneficiaries that meet your needs
  • Due diligence will be conducted on the beneficiary, ensuring they meet these requirements
  • Ensure that all beneficiaries are registered to issue Section 18A Certificates


Gap Analysis 

This is a great way to find out what level youre going to be before you do your annual Verification. We collate all the information, just like what would be done for a verification, but instead at the end we give a break down on each element and where you are falling short. Simultaneously we are able to offer you various solutions. If you want to improve your level we help implement the necessary steps in order to get you to where you want to be. 

File Preparation 

We offer the solution to easy and pain free B-BBEE preparation. We collate all the documentation with you and prepare it the way a SANAS Accredited Verification Agency will need it and according to your Sector Code. We make sure we have all the documentation to maximize your points. Once the file is completed it will be as easy as 1,2,3 to do your verification. 

Monthly Advisory 

We have bi-monthly meetings with you to make sure that the decisions you are constantly making toward your companys transformation are the right ones, ensuring the desired outcome. This is the perfect solution to work towards a goal for your annual verification. We are able to sit in meetings for Tenders and companies wanting to do business with you or current clients, to answer any questions they have towards your companies B-BBEE. Furthermore, this allows you to have a consultant available to take your calls and assist you in any way possible.