Our brilliant team of experts can assess your companies Ownership and provide solutions for moving forward on this element.

Ownership is a Priority Element of B-BBEE Scorecards for both Generic and Qualifying Small Enterprises. Ownership measures the extent of real Black Ownership of a measured enterprise, by means of an Ownership Scorecard.

BBBEE Wise can assist and advise on the following in terms of the Ownership Element:

The BBBEE Wise team will evaluate and analyse the organisational structure, Black Ownership, net value and provide options to optimise and/or introduce Black Ownership, which will not only enhance your Scorecard but will align with the corporate strategy. These structures can include B-BBEE principles as per the Codes of Good Practice.

An entity needs to reach the sub-minimum score of 40% of the points available under the Realisation Points Indicator on the Ownership Element of the Scorecard.

BBBEE Wise conducts reliable and accurate Independent Competent Persons Reports for Ownership using our BBBEE Wise systems and expert analyst team.

BBBEE Wise can assist in the following Ownership Structures:

  • Flow-through (Direct) Ownership
  • Modified Flow-through Ownership
  • Evaluations of Trusts
  • Mandated Investments
  • Continued Consequences (Once Empowered Always Empowered)
  • Sale of Assets
  • Broad Based Ownership Schemes
  • Employee Share Schemes
  • Private Equity Funds