Preferential Procurement


The Preferential Procurement element aims to:

Drive transformation through-out the economy by encouraging procurement only from suppliers that are compliant with the B-BBEE Scorecard.

BBBEE Wise has identified that Preferential Procurement in Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment has become a growing concern for companies who cannot keep their supplier information up-to-date and that face difficulties in collecting and maintaining B-BBEE Certificates from their suppliers.

BBBEE Wise has always prided itself on giving our clients the best possible service and has developed a solution to our clients Preferential Procurement needs. We have achieved this solution by creating a portal for our clients to have up to date information about their suppliers BEE Credentials.

The portal is a sharing mechanism that will be used between BBBEE Wise and our clients. This is an electronic gateway that provides a collection of information accessible over the internet through a web browser.

Our procurement service provides expert support for clients seeking to evaluate and enhance their procurement capability and performance.


We can assist and advise on the following in terms of the Preferential Procurement Element:

  • Contact your suppliers and obtain their B-BBEE Certificates.
  • Ensure that all Certificates received are valid.
  • Provide a Monthly Procurement Report indicating your current score and shortfalls and advise accordingly.

The Monthly Procurement Report will include the following information of your suppliers:

  • B-BBEE Level
  • B-BBEE Certificate Expiry Date
  • Spend with Top EME’s, QSE’s and Generics
  • Spend with Non-Compliant B-BBEE Status
  • Spends with Suppliers who do not have B-BBEE Certificates
  • Black and/or Black Women Ownership Percentage
  • Procurement Recognition Percentage

BBBEE Wise will ensure that procurement is always up to date to ensure that information is ready when B-BBEE Verification takes place. A 40% sub-minimum must be achieved to avoid being discounted a level.